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Safety First

Protecting our Customers and Staff

We are deligted to welcome all our customers back to our Sales, Service and Parts departments. As we reopen there are steps we have taken to ensure the safe interaction of our staff and customers. Throughout our showrooms we have added hand sanitisers, screens and distance markers and expanded our range of options to help our customers interact with us without the need to for physical interaction.

Some of these measures include:

  • Sanitisation stations at all entrances
  • 2 metre social distancing markers
  • Protective screens for all staff and customer interactions
  • Hand sanitisers on all desks
  • PPE for staff with masks and gloves available for customers as required
  • Full sanitisation for all touch points in cars
  • Disposable covers used on seats, steering wheel and gear stick
  • Contactless drop-off and pick-up
  • Collection and delivery from home or office can be arranged as required
  • Contactless payment
Protecting our Customers and Staff

Visiting us for Servicing

We have a range of options to facilitate our customers coming in for servicing at this time and will fully sanitise all customers cars before and after servicing to protect our customers and staff. Unfortunately at this time we cannot offer a lift home or to the city as we would of done in the past but we can offer a range of alternatives including:
  • Local collect-and-return service
  • Contactless drop-off and collection
  • A fully sanitisied courtesy car

We can provide gloves, face masks and hand sanitiser to all our customers and would ask all customers to provide an email contact so that Invoices and Vehicle Health Check Reports can be sent direct to your inbox further reducing the need for contact with our staff.

We have several contactless methods of payment including accepting online payments through Bank of Irelands Virtual Terminal.

Preparing for your visit

We would like where possible for customers to remove their personal belongings from the car before bringing it in, service checks require the technician to inspect several areas inside the front and rear of your car and we would like to reduce the chance of our staff coming into contact with any of your personal items.

As we will be sending all the usual service documents by email rather than handing over printed copies we would ask that you provide us with an emaill address in advance of your visit. You can do this through our contact details form CLICK HERE,

If you or someone you have regualr contact with falls into the category of vulnerable or high-risk in relation to Covid-19 then please let us know so we can arrange a solution that best suits your situation. You can contact our service team on 051-874037.

Ozone Sanitisation

We can now offer Ozone sanitisation of vehicles after servicing. Ozone is an ideal treatment for vehicle interiors, removing bad smells, bacteria, fungi and viruses without resorting to chemical products that could be harmful to interior surfaces.

'Thanks to its properties, ozone sanitizes, oxygenates and regenerates the air we breathe as well as disinfecting the water we use. It removes more than 99,00% of bacteria, molds, fungus, yeasts, pollens and mites and it inactivates virus. It’s a powerful supporter in the struggle against allergies, asthma and infections, because it destroys the microbial charge present in the air and on surfaces.' 

For more information on this product please contact our service department on 051-874037.

Ozone Sanitisation

Our Aftersales Team

Experts in their field

<p>David McConnell</p>

David McConnell

Contact Number: (051) 874037

Email Address: david@toyotawaterford.com

Job Title: Aftersales Manager


<p>Roy Thompson</p>

Roy Thompson

Contact Number: (051) 874037

Email Address: roy@toyotawaterford.com

Job Title: Toyota ​Service Advisor


<p>Nathalie McConnell</p>

Nathalie McConnell

Contact Number: (051) 874037

Email Address: nathalie@toyotawaterford.com

Job Title: Toyota Service Advisor


Our Service Team

Toyota Trained Technicians

<p>Sean Barrett</p>

Sean Barrett

Contact Number: (051) 874037

Job Title: Service Manager


<p>Mark Thomas</p>

Mark Thomas

Contact Number: (051) 874037

Job Title: Toyota Pro Technician


<p>Stephen McConnell</p>

Stephen McConnell

Contact Number: (051) 874037

Job Title: Toyota Diagnostic Technician


<p>Dylon Forrester</p>

Dylon Forrester

Contact Number: (051) 874037

Job Title: Toyota ProTechnician


<p>Allan Quinn</p>

Allan Quinn

Contact Number: (051) 874037

Job Title: Apprentice Technician


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