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Toyota Skills Contest Winner 2017

Stephen McConnell national overall winner at Toyota Ireland's Skills Contest
We are delighted to announce that our Diagnostic Technician Stephen McConnell was winner of the Toyota Ireland Skills Contest for 2017. The contest took place in Toyota Ireland's ASLEC Centre in Dublin on Friday the 4th of November, and saw top technicians from across the country test themselves against a series of mechanical and electrical faults.

Contest Format

Following on from online assessments carried out during October, 5 technicians were selected and offered the opportunity to take part in the 2017 Toyota Skills Contest.
The contestants rotated between 5 test areas in turn. At each area was a Toyota Ireland technician who played the part of the "customer" and could be quizzed by the contestant about the car's "problem" and the circumstances under which it arose.
The contestant was judged by his methodology and his use of diagnostic equipment in solving or attempting to solve the various problems encountered. In particular the strict 40-minute time limit was designed to put each participant under pressure.
Some of the cars displayed faults which had been cleverly (even deviously) set up by the examiner to challenge the competitors to the full.
At the subsequent prize-giving ceremony Paul Murray, After-Sales Director of Toyota Ireland paid tribute to the skill and dedication of all 5 finalists and acknowledged that they had all put in a serious amount of study time to reach this level.


Contest Format
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