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Dream Car Art Contest Winners 2016

Dream Car Art Contest Winners 2016

Toyota are proud to announce the winners of the Dream Car Art Contest 2016.
We are delighted to reveal Ireland's winners of the Toyota Dream Art Contest 2016, an exciting challenge that is part of one of the largest art contests for children worldwide.

1st place (Under 8): Ruby Browne

'The Teapot Truck'

2nd place (Under 8): Eli Gannon

'Water World'

3rd place (Under 8): Sadhbh Jones Quinn

'Driving a Toyota Dream Car on the Yellow Brick Road'

1st place (8-11): Elizabete Krivenoka

'The Rainbow Lizard Car'

2nd place (8-11): Isabella Crowley

'The Eco M.M.'

3rd place (8-11): Sofia Fox


1st place (12-15): David Cantwell

'My Dream Car'

3rd place (12-15): Rosemary Vincent

'My Time Travelling Car'

3rd place (12-15): Claire Coughlan

'Toyota Space Bus Car'

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